Polsky & Associates Ltd

Annual Citywide TIF EAV by Dollar Amount 2004-2009

Because we were able to identify the City’s EAV growth rate over the specific period between 2004 and 2009, we also analyzed TIF District EAV growth compared to City EAV growth over this period. For purposes of this Section of the analysis, we examined the absolute EAV dollar amount of all TIF Districts that existed at the end of each year between 2004 and 2009 for which we had data. 13 We did not exclude any outliers in this portion of the analysis because the outliers were excluded based on growth rates, not based on actual EAV dollar amounts. In 2004, the TIF EAV of the 135 TIF Districts in Chicago included in the data set was $10,226,245,303. In 2005, the TIF EAV of the 136 TIF Districts was $11,467,179,406. In 2006, the TIF EAV of the 138 TIF Districts was $18,622,897,755. In 2007, the TIF EAV of the 155 TIF Districts was $21,329,983,500. In 2008, the TIF EAV of the 153 TIF Districts was $19,847,268,625. 14 In 2009 the TIF EAV of the 158 TIF Districts was $21,028,341,905. The total EAV of all of the TIF Districts included in the data set in each year is reflected in the chart and the graph below. The bars of the graph are divided by region in order to show the amount of EAV generated by each region.