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TIF is designed as an economic development tool to encourage development in areas where such
development would not have occurred but for the TIF.

• Our analysis shows that the average annual EAV growth rate in TIF Districts in the City was
14.08% or approximately 150% of the City’s annual EAV growth rate of 9.11% between 2004 and
2009, the latest available five-year data. Although many factors influence EAV growth, the analysis
demonstrates that TIF is a meaningful factor.

• Since 1984, the Central Region and the South Region have experienced the highest annualized
EAV growth, with annualized EAV growth rates greater than 16%. The Far South Region, the
North Region, the Northwest Region and the West Region have all experienced annualized growth
rates of approximately 10% or higher. The Southwest Region has the lowest average annual EAV
increase, with an annualized growth rate of approximately 6%.