The Chicago City Council again postponed a vote on the Sweet Home Chicago Ordinance, which would require the City to set aside 20% of the tax increment generated in the TIF districts in Chicago for affordable housing and foreclosure remediation.  While Ordinance sponsor Alderman Walter Burnett (27th Ward) believed he had enough votes to pass the Ordinance, the vote was again delayed during the January 13th City Council Meeting, this time based on a procedural requirement that notice of an additional item on a municipal agenda be provided more than 48 hours in advance of the municipal meeting.

Alderman Burnett believes that he will be able to get the Ordinance on the agenda for next month’s City Council Meeting and that he still has enough votes to pass the Ordinance.  However, if the vote is delayed beyond next month until after the February municipal elections, Sweet Home Chicago supporters fear that a new Mayor and new Alderman will have different ideas on how TIF dollars should be spent, which may result in a loss of support for the Sweet Home Chicago Ordinance.

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