Wisconsin Approves the Establishment of Multi-jurisdictional TIF Districts

On November 18, 2011, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed Assembly Bill 179 into law, which allows two or more cities to jointly establish a TIF district.  Prior to the adoption of this law, municipalities were only able to establish TIF districts within their own jurisdictions.

The following criteria must be met to establish a multi-jurisdictional TIF district:

  • All of the parcels within the proposed TIF district are contiguous;
  • The proposed TIF district includes parcels in all of the cities that are parties to the TIF agreement; and
  • At least one parcel in each participating city is adjacent to at least one parcel in another participating city.

To create a multi-jurisdictional TIF district, the following approvals are required:

  • The governing body of each participating city must approve the resolution establishing the multi-jurisdictional TIF district;
  • Each joint review board must approve the multi-jurisdictional TIF district establishment resolution by a majority vote; and
  • Any public members of participating cities on the joint review board must approve the establishment resolution.

By amending the TIF law in this way, Wisconsin intends to provide municipalities with a regional economic development tool.

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