Polsky & Associates Ltd

A Roadmap for Public/Private Development Partnerships

Across the United States, developers and corporate real estate executives face the same challenge: achieving their project goals in a difficult development environment.

Structuring public benefits for each site and jurisdiction requires skills and knowledge in law and public finance — a combination rarely found in a single source. The law firm of Polsky & Associates Ltd. offers that single-source solution for public/private development partnerships nationwide.

With long experience, earned trust and established relationships, Polsky & Associates has a successful track record of securing public financing benefits for commercial, residential and industrial developments. From financial analysis to producing compelling proposals, negotiating with cities and states, and documenting the transaction, Polsky & Associates helps clients achieve their goals every step of the way.

"Polsky & Associates has a rare ability to inspire confidence in people on both sides of the transaction. The firm works toward a fair deal for all parties concerned."

The Extra Mile

Polsky & Associates has a comprehensive background in all aspects of real estate law. Drawing upon this broad range of abilities, the firm meets its clients’ needs through services including:

- Financial Analysis
- Proposals
- Negotiations
- Documentation

"Polsky & Associates is clearly the most experienced and professional TIF specialist with whom we’ve worked. With a thorough understanding of real estate issues, the firm approaches each situation — and each governmental body — with expertise unparalleled in the market today."