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IL Continues to Improve TIF District Administration

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Illinois continues to improve its administration over the more than 1,200 TIF Districts in the State. The Illinois Comptroller’s Office recently added an “Upload TIF Reports” application to its website. The application allows TIF administrators to directly upload annual TIF reports to the State Comptroller’s Office website. This new upload feature became available in September 2012; prior to that time, TIF administrators were limited to submitting TIF reports via a CD/DVD or by email. Allowing TIF administrators to directly upload TIF reports to the State’s website helps to streamline the publication of the TIF reports, making the information more accessible.

The new TIF reporting option is a continuation of the State’s efforts to improve the transparency and administration of TIF programs statewide. In July 2010, the State adopted the Public Act 096-1335 which requires the State Comptroller’s Office to make TIF reports available on its website within 45 days after receiving them. In addition, the State Comptroller’s Office is required to publish a list of municipalities that fail to provide required TIF information online.

Illinois requires the following information to be included in the annual TIF reports:

  • Amendments to TIF District Redevelopment Plans;
  • Audited financial statements of each TIF fund with more than $100,000 on deposit;
  • An analysis of each TIF fund showing fund beginning and ending balances, fund sources and expenditures; and
  • A description of redevelopment activities undertaken in the previous year.

The annual reports for each TIF District in Illinois are available at