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Chicago Created Advanced Mapping System Showing TIF Information

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Recently, the City of Chicago created a user-friendly TIF Portal, further advancing Chicago’s commitment to providing information about TIF.

The new TIF Portal is an interactive map that allows public access to TIF information in a more intuitive and convenient way. Specific information about TIF such as District plans, annual reports and project redevelopment agreements have been available on the City of Chicago’s website since the Daley administration. However, the information was generally organized under alphabetical listings and was difficult to locate for those who did not know the name of a specific TIF District.

The new TIF Portal substantially resolves the access issue by delineating the boundaries of each TIF District, pinpointing each project’s location within those boundaries and providing summarized information for each TIF District and project.  The Portal also provides links to specific webpages showing detailed TIF information. The Portal depicts TIF Districts on a map, enabling the user to quickly obtain information without knowing the specific District name. In addition, the Portal provides a search function by inputting a specific address, ward, TIF district or TIF project name.

The TIF Portal is available at