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10 The following TIF Districts terminated in 2008 and the most recent Incremental EAV data available for
these TIF Districts is the 2007 Data:

(a) Central Loop (Central Region)
(b) Bloomingdale/Laramie (Northwest Region)
(c) Fullerton/Normandy (Northwest Region)
(d) Addison/Kimball (Northwest Region)
(e) Ryan/Garfield (South Region)
(f) 43rd/Damen (Southwest Region)
(g) 26th/Kostner (West Region)

11 The list of the City’s TIF Districts, as divided into regions, is available on the City of Chicago TIF website (http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/dcd/provdrs/tif.html). In certain instances, TIF Districts included in this Report are listed as being in more than 1 region and in certain other instances existing TIF Districts in the City were not included on any of the regional maps. To resolve these inconsistencies, we assigned these TIF Districts to regions based on their location.

For the purposes of this analysis, the following TIF Districts are included in the Central Region:

(a) 24th/Michigan
(b) Archer/Courts
(c) Calumet/Cermak
(d) Canal/Congress
(e) Central Loop
(f) Chinatown Basin
(g) Chicago/Kingsbury
(h) Division/Hooker
(i) Jefferson/Roosevelt
(j) LaSalle Central
(k) Michigan/Cermak
(l) Near North
(m) Near South
(n) Ohio/Wabash
(o) River South
(p) River West
(q) Roosevelt/Canal

For purposes of this analysis, the following TIF Districts are included in the Far South Region:

(a) 105th/Vincennes
(b) 111th/Kedzie
(c) 119th/Halsted
(d) 119th/I-57
(e) 126th/Torrence
(f) 134th/Avenue K
(g) 71st/Stony Island
(h) 73rd/University
(i) 79th Street
(j) 95th/Stony Island
(k) 95th/Western
(l) Avalon/South Shore
(m) Commercial Avenue
(n) Lake Calumet
(o) North Pullman
(p) Roseland/Michigan
(q) South Chicago
(r) South Works
(s) Stony Island/Burnside
(t) West Pullman
(u)Western/Rock Island